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How To Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo, which is very similar to roulette, is a very entertaining game a lot of people don’t know about. In the gameplay, the dealer rolls 3 dice, and the players put chips on areas that depict the outcomes they want to bet on. The game software or dealer rolls the 3 dice in a small chest and reveals the random results. Every number on the outcome predicted by the player becomes a win, while the wrong predictions are the losses. There are 6 betting options, which are the most important and exciting part of the game.

Setting a Budget

Even though Sic Bo seems like a straightforward game, it is still a type of gambling and anything with money at stake must be played tactfully. The players exchange their money for chips that are offered by the dealer. So, this can drain the player’s account easily particularly when bets with higher odds are placed. It is advisable to consider cash for Sic Bo as part of an entertainment budget just like the finances spent on movies and shows. The use of debit and credit cards is highly discouraged because it can make someone spend more than what they had planned for.

Buying the Chips

The chips are set on the Sic Bo table in a bet box. Players simply put money on the table to buy the chips. Just like any other casino table game, money is never passed to the dealer directly when purchasing the chips. For the avoidance of doubt, it is essential to put the cash on the table and for the dealer to pick them. Similarly, it would be wrong for the dealer to hand the chips directly into the player’s hands. Instead, they put them on the table so that the player can take them and start wagering.

How to Bet

Players are advised to bet a sum of money they are willing to lose. Betting in Sic Bo involves putting the bought chips on the table in a combination that the player thinks will be the outcome of the rolled dice. Every combination has its own odds of winning, and this knowledge is vital in making an informed move. The payout for every bet is displayed on the Sic Bo table. Hence, the players have everything they need to gauge the possible outcomes. The higher the odds of a payout, the lower the chances of winning. But the chance of winning is high when the payout odds are low.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

Single-number bets form the bottom-most row, and they bet on the chance of any number from 1 to 6 appearing on the roll. The next row from the bottom represents two-number combination bets. They are used to predict the outcome of two specific numbers. Then the three-number bets at the third bottom row predict the sum of numbers to be rolled next. The topmost row comprises the triple, pair, big, and small bets. Triple bets represent a set of triple numbers while the pair bets predict any pairs. The small bets lay odds for any sum of dice roll between 4 and 10 and big bets any sum between 11-17.

Sic Bo
Basic strategy

Sic Bo is a gambling game of Chinese origin. Many people play this game for fun or to win bets. But they first learn how to play this game using three dice. The Sic Bo Table resembled the one used in Roulette. This guide has information that will help many players to learn how to play this game. They will also understand strategies and game rules that can help them win at Sic Bo.

People around the world know little about Sic Bo. But they at least know it is an online casino game. Find out about this online casino game and enjoy playing.

Playing Sic Bo Using Dice

Do players understand that only two casino games are played using dice? If not, they need to realize that Sic Bo is one of these games. People who love playing online casino games can consider this game. They have to learn about the basic strategy of Sic Bo and win bets.

Sic Bo game is popular in Asia, but people can use the internet to access this game. The internet allows players to play online games no matter where they are. People can read the information provided in this guide. Thus, gamblers understand its basic concepts and place winning bets on online casinos.

Strategy That Can Help Players Win at Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the most thrilling online casino games. Gamblers can enjoy placing bets on this game. They need to use dice when placing their bets. But they must learn how to use dice in this game. Besides, they cannot earn money if they lack proper strategies to play Sic Bo.

In case players don’t know, they cannot use a single strategy to win at Sic Bo. So, they must come up with many strategies to help them win this game. Gamblers need to count on some of the best Sic Bo Strategies.

Avoid Betting on Many Areas

When Playing Sic Bo, it is essential to focus on one area. This strategy helps players to give one bet significant attention. Gamblers are allowed to place bets in many bets that can be up to 16 different areas per roll. Doing this can change the focus set by a player and make him or her lose a bet. So, gamblers must place bets at Sic Bo in one area.

Instead of spending time on many betting areas, players can identify the chances of winning a bet. They can also learn if the payouts are worth the gamble. Try this strategy and win big!

Gamblers Fallacy Myth

Fallacy myth is a myth commonly found in the online gambling industry. People say that if something is frequently happening at some point, it will appear less frequently later. Players at Sic Bo must not believe that dice that occur often can roll small ones at this point. This is not one of the best strategies to use when playing this game on a mobile device. Players must not fall into this misleading gambling myth.

The outcome of dice never depends on whatever that happened before. So, players must avoid this blind myth. Not in Sic, Bo, in Craps, or any other online casino game of chances.

An Insight Into Sic Bo Best Betting Strategy for Players

Sic Bo is an exciting online casino game. It involves dice when playing. So, Players need to come up with best strategies to win this game.

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Few casino games can rival Sic Bo when it comes to offering fun to gamblers. One aspect that makes this dice game stand out is the wide variety of betting options. This extensive pool of bets suits players with different gambling styles. Here are some of the prevalent Sic Bo bets.

Betting on the three dice total is the easiest bet a player can place on the Sic Bo table. It ranges from 4 to 17 on the board. The payout often varies depending on the probability of an individual score occurring. If a gambler bets on a Total of 12, he/she wins if the three dice combination add up to 12.

Small and Big

Another betting option in Sic Bo is the Small and Big bet. Players bet on whether the total of the three dice will be Small or Big. A total of 4-10 is regarded as Small, while a total between 11 and 17 is a Big. Being an even chance bet, the Small and Big are lower risk bets. Such bets are accompanied with a payout of 1 to 1.

Wagers must also be aware that if a triple total appears, both the Small and Big bets lose. This analogy justifies the absence of 3 and 18 in these bets.

Single Bet

A single-Die Bet occurs if a player places a bet on a specific digit. The hope is that one of the dice will show the chosen number. The payout often varies depending on the number of times the selected digit appears on the three dice.

A 1 to 1 payout is initiated if the said number only appears on one dice. If two dice have the selected digit, then the player can claim a 2 to 1 payout. If all the three dice roll this number, the wager is awarded a 12 to 1 payout. Unlike the latter option, a Triplet bet pays 180 to 1 for a specific triple.

Specific Double

A Double Bet is made by players who feel confident that two of the dice rolled will contain the precise number they choose. This bet is often viewed as risky since it only limits a gambler to a 7.4 percent chance of winning.

Although the winning probability is low, the payouts are very appealing. It pays 10 to 1. A player wins 10 units for every 1 unit he/she wagers. The payout becomes even more mouthwatering if the third die turns up with the said number. Such a scenario will see a payout of 30 to 1. Wagers aren’t limited to the number of doubles they can bet on.

Triple Bet

In Triple Bets, the specific number selected by a player should show up on all three dice for the player to win. Gamblers can choose any particular triplet from 1 to 6. The other option is to bet on any unspecific triple to occur.

The Triplet Bet offers the biggest payouts in Sic Bo. It’s the ultimate stake among Sic Bo players. The payout for a clear-cut triple is a whopping 180 to 1. It also pays 30 to 1 for any triple. High rollers prefer this bet because of its fantastic returns. Few casino games can match such odds.

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How to win

As many people have said, time and again, playing a game more often allows a player to perfect their skills at it. Playing Sic Bo as many times as possible is the best way for one to prepare for future wins. Of course, one should not gamble with their money when they are in the practising process. Instead, they should check out online casinos that allow gamblers to play Sic Bo for free. One of the advantages to enjoy here is that one does not risk losing any money. Again, players are at liberty to practice when they are anywhere as long as they have some free time on their hands.

The Balanced Sic Bo Strategy Might Work

A Balanced Sic Bo strategy is great for players who want to play this three-dice game and attain huge wins. These gamblers are cautious because they understand that anything can happen when playing a game that largely depends on luck. At the same time, they are at the low-risk strategy's top and, well, they can't get anything more from it. With this strategy, 9 and 12 are among the numbers that give a gambler the best chances since their payouts are a lot closer to their probability. Smart Sic Bo players never forget to balance the risks they take.

Placing a Lot of Bets Is a Miscalculation

Most Sic Bo players think that more bets often translate into more money, but it is not always the case. Even though gamblers are not restricted to place multiple bets at the same time - some online casinos even allow as many as 16 bets at once - it is not advisable to do it. This is because while one stands a chance to win them, they might also lose. Players should evaluate all their betting options before making any moves. What is the probability of winning all the bets? How much is the payout, and is it really worth the risk?

Big and Small Bets Are the Best

The most experienced Sic Bo players can confirm that placing most bets on small or big areas is a great choice, and it leads to wins. They come with the lowest house edge and the best odds. This is why players at most land-based casinos prefer big and small bets, especially when they are betting with large sums of money. Even so, one is not limited to explore other options because betting on the two bets alone can be a little boring sometimes. The excitement that comes with discovering other chances is absolutely worth it.

Forget about Gambler's Fallacy

Gambler's Fallacy is one of the most common myths in the gambling industry. It affects not only Sic Bo players but also all gamblers playing other games like craps. It insinuates that if something takes place more often during a particular period, it is bound to happen fewer times in the future. For example, if you have been winning Sic Bo for a long time, chances are your losses are just about to begin, which is not necessarily factual. The results of a Sic Bo game are not in any way affected by past outcomes. The strategies you use and luck are what matters.

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Sic Bo simply translates to “dice pair” and is an unequal game of chance that originated from ancient China. The game is only preceded by baccarat within Macau and China in terms of popularity. The game is also a huge sensation in other regions of the world especially the big casinos that offer Asian games.

The game is played with three dice which are rolled onto a betting table with the capability to produce diverse numbers on the dice tops. Winning combinations are paid out depending on the odds they had picked. While it might look and sound complicated, most players catch on really fast.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

The simplest bet on the Sic Bo betting tables is the total. It mainly involves players betting on the total of all three dice numbers. Such numbers range from 4-17 with the exception of 3 and 18 which are covered within the triple bets.

Big and small bets are another form where players bet on the total sum of three dices rolled from 4 to 10 for small and 11 to 17. Combination bets payout when any two specific numbers show up on the three dice. The other bet types include singles, doubles, and triple.

Sic Bo Probability and Payouts

There are diverse Sic Bo probability odds and payouts which mainly depend on the wagers that different players make. There are the big/small bets which mainly suit players looking to get steady, low-risk chances.

For medium returns, bets ranging from 9, 10, 11, and 12 are the best to go with. For those looking for elite rewards, also commonly referred to as high-rollers, the best bets are the big doubles, especially when properly combined. Since there is no skill required to play and win, new players can quickly catch on and comprehend the dice combinations.

Sic Bo Best Bets

Different players have different preferences on the type of bets they want. Total bets mainly look after have 1`to 1 chances of offering rewarding outcomes. Combination bets have odds of 6 to 1 meaning that 6 units are paid out for each unit bet.

Single bets have odds of 2 to 1 while the double ones have odds of 71 to 1. Triple odds have outcome odds of 35 to 1. Players can customize their gaming experiences should as the need arises. The online casinos have a house advantage where players on a losing streak can continue losing uncontrollably if they do not log out.

Sic Bo Strategies

Sic Bo is entirely designed as a game of fun and there is no way to accurately predict each dice roll. The lack of guarantees means that players should endeavor to undertake great strategies to bet on outcome. Players have to avoid getting uncontrollable as they chase bets that are likely to lose.

Being carried one can cause one to play more games uncontrollably leading to issues like addiction and loss of excess money. Players have to seek to eliminate the house advantage as they bet since such lower the chances of the player winning with any wager.

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There is no doubt that Sic Bo remains to be one of the popular games in casinos. Many professional gamblers are familiar with the game, including the rules that come with it. There are a lot of details on the internet that talks about this game. Moreover, it offers background information that is packed with history and the basics of learning this game. So, players need to understand the crucial principles of this game before taking part in it. Moreover, players need to realize that they can make multiple bets at once. Hence, the earlier they comprehend the principles, the better for them.

Winning This Game

Once gamblers place bets, the croupier will, therefore, shake a cage along with the dice. So, when players are playing Sic Bo, they need to click a roll button. On all occasions, the dice will roll before they rest. Afterward, the table of this game that corresponds with the winning bets may light up. For instance, if the three dice show 3, 1, and 3 numbers, the winning bets might light up in this game. Every bet comes with various payout odds. But the best part is that gamblers may not find it necessary to memorize or study them. All the odds will clearly be printed on the table.

Variants of Sic Bo

It would be challenging to see variations of this game. Players need to remember that this is a type of game that involves three dice. In every change, the dice are thrown using a cup to make them tumble unpredictably. In addition to that, gamblers will also have the goal of getting raffles that pay handsomely.

Another variation may come with a different name, such as the following:

  • Birdcage
  • Churckerluck
  • Chuck-a-luck
  • Sweat cloth

This type of change is common, especially in the US. According to professionals of this game, dice are placed in the wire cage. The variant provides wagers with the triple bet.

The Strategy of Playing Sic Bo

Although this is one of the games of chance, punters may do guesswork depending on the odds of every bet. This offers punters an added advantage of winning the game. Betting on a small, even, or big odd bets provide players the opportunity of winning a considerable amount of money. Moreover, it becomes safe for players when taking part in this game. Another prudent thing to note is that the house edge and odds are provided. So, payouts in every bet may differ from one casino to another. Hence, a wise thing for punters to do is to work with a casino that offers the perfect odds.

Setting a Budget When Playing Sic Bo

Like other casino games, it is essential to work hand in hand with a reasonable budget when playing Sic Bo. Without a reasonable budget, punters can quickly drain their funds, particularly if they are staking with complicated odds. So, it would be prudent for gamblers to consider the outcome of the game before taking part in it. Importantly, it will be necessary to establish a realistic budget. This means that a reasonable budget should prevent gamblers from using grocery money to play Sic Bo. Moreover, they need to avoid making payments using debit and credit cards. This will prevent players from using a lot of money.

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