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How To Play Sic Bo

Sic Bo, which is very similar to roulette, is a very entertaining game a lot of people don’t know about. In the gameplay, the dealer rolls 3 dice, and the players put chips on areas that depict the outcomes they want to bet on. The game software or dealer rolls the 3 dice in a small chest and reveals the random results. Every number on the outcome predicted by the player becomes a win, while the wrong predictions are the losses. There are 6 betting options, which are the most important and exciting part of the game.

Setting a Budget

Even though Sic Bo seems like a straightforward game, it is still a type of gambling and anything with money at stake must be played tactfully. The players exchange their money for chips that are offered by the dealer. So, this can drain the player’s account easily particularly when bets with higher odds are placed. It is advisable to consider cash for Sic Bo as part of an entertainment budget just like the finances spent on movies and shows. The use of debit and credit cards is highly discouraged because it can make someone spend more than what they had planned for.

Buying the Chips

The chips are set on the Sic Bo table in a bet box. Players simply put money on the table to buy the chips. Just like any other casino table game, money is never passed to the dealer directly when purchasing the chips. For the avoidance of doubt, it is essential to put the cash on the table and for the dealer to pick them. Similarly, it would be wrong for the dealer to hand the chips directly into the player’s hands. Instead, they put them on the table so that the player can take them and start wagering.

How to Bet

Players are advised to bet a sum of money they are willing to lose. Betting in Sic Bo involves putting the bought chips on the table in a combination that the player thinks will be the outcome of the rolled dice. Every combination has its own odds of winning, and this knowledge is vital in making an informed move. The payout for every bet is displayed on the Sic Bo table. Hence, the players have everything they need to gauge the possible outcomes. The higher the odds of a payout, the lower the chances of winning. But the chance of winning is high when the payout odds are low.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

Single-number bets form the bottom-most row, and they bet on the chance of any number from 1 to 6 appearing on the roll. The next row from the bottom represents two-number combination bets. They are used to predict the outcome of two specific numbers. Then the three-number bets at the third bottom row predict the sum of numbers to be rolled next. The topmost row comprises the triple, pair, big, and small bets. Triple bets represent a set of triple numbers while the pair bets predict any pairs. The small bets lay odds for any sum of dice roll between 4 and 10 and big bets any sum between 11-17.

Sic Bo

Basic strategy

Sic Bo is a gambling game of Chinese origin. Many people play this game for fun or to win bets. But they first learn how to play this game using three dice. The Sic Bo Table resembled the one used in Roulette. This guide has information that will help many players to learn how to play this game. They will also understand strategies and game rules that can help them win at Sic Bo.

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Sic Bo simply translates to “dice pair” and is an unequal game of chance that originated from ancient China. The game is only preceded by baccarat within Macau and China in terms of popularity. The game is also a huge sensation in other regions of the world especially the big casinos that offer Asian games.

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How to win

As many people have said, time and again, playing a game more often allows a player to perfect their skills at it. Playing Sic Bo as many times as possible is the best way for one to prepare for future wins. Of course, one should not gamble with their money when they are in the practising process. Instead, they should check out online casinos that allow gamblers to play Sic Bo for free. One of the advantages to enjoy here is that one does not risk losing any money. Again, players are at liberty to practice when they are anywhere as long as they have some free time on their hands.

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There is no doubt that Sic Bo remains to be one of the popular games in casinos. Many professional gamblers are familiar with the game, including the rules that come with it. There are a lot of details on the internet that talks about this game. Moreover, it offers background information that is packed with history and the basics of learning this game. So, players need to understand the crucial principles of this game before taking part in it. Moreover, players need to realize that they can make multiple bets at once. Hence, the earlier they comprehend the principles, the better for them.

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Few casino games can rival Sic Bo when it comes to offering fun to gamblers. One aspect that makes this dice game stand out is the wide variety of betting options. This extensive pool of bets suits players with different gambling styles. Here are some of the prevalent Sic Bo bets.

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