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Best Sic Bo Odds Online

Sic Bo simply translates to “dice pair” and is an unequal game of chance that originated from ancient China. The game is only preceded by baccarat within Macau and China in terms of popularity. The game is also a huge sensation in other regions of the world especially the big casinos that offer Asian games.

The game is played with three dice which are rolled onto a betting table with the capability to produce diverse numbers on the dice tops. Winning combinations are paid out depending on the odds they had picked. While it might look and sound complicated, most players catch on really fast.

Types of Sic Bo Bets

The simplest bet on the Sic Bo betting tables is the total. It mainly involves players betting on the total of all three dice numbers. Such numbers range from 4-17 with the exception of 3 and 18 which are covered within the triple bets.

Big and small bets are another form where players bet on the total sum of three dices rolled from 4 to 10 for small and 11 to 17. Combination bets payout when any two specific numbers show up on the three dice. The other bet types include singles, doubles, and triple.

Sic Bo Probability and Payouts

There are diverse Sic Bo probability odds and payouts which mainly depend on the wagers that different players make. There are the big/small bets which mainly suit players looking to get steady, low-risk chances.

For medium returns, bets ranging from 9, 10, 11, and 12 are the best to go with. For those looking for elite rewards, also commonly referred to as high-rollers, the best bets are the big doubles, especially when properly combined. Since there is no skill required to play and win, new players can quickly catch on and comprehend the dice combinations.

Sic Bo Best Bets

Different players have different preferences on the type of bets they want. Total bets mainly look after have 1`to 1 chances of offering rewarding outcomes. Combination bets have odds of 6 to 1 meaning that 6 units are paid out for each unit bet.

Single bets have odds of 2 to 1 while the double ones have odds of 71 to 1. Triple odds have outcome odds of 35 to 1. Players can customize their gaming experiences should as the need arises. The online casinos have a house advantage where players on a losing streak can continue losing uncontrollably if they do not log out.

Sic Bo Strategies

Sic Bo is entirely designed as a game of fun and there is no way to accurately predict each dice roll. The lack of guarantees means that players should endeavor to undertake great strategies to bet on outcome. Players have to avoid getting uncontrollable as they chase bets that are likely to lose.

Being carried one can cause one to play more games uncontrollably leading to issues like addiction and loss of excess money. Players have to seek to eliminate the house advantage as they bet since such lower the chances of the player winning with any wager.

Sic Bo

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