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Official Sic Bo Rules

Few casino games can rival Sic Bo when it comes to offering fun to gamblers. One aspect that makes this dice game stand out is the wide variety of betting options. This extensive pool of bets suits players with different gambling styles. Here are some of the prevalent Sic Bo bets.

Betting on the three dice total is the easiest bet a player can place on the Sic Bo table. It ranges from 4 to 17 on the board. The payout often varies depending on the probability of an individual score occurring. If a gambler bets on a Total of 12, he/she wins if the three dice combination add up to 12.

Small and Big

Another betting option in Sic Bo is the Small and Big bet. Players bet on whether the total of the three dice will be Small or Big. A total of 4-10 is regarded as Small, while a total between 11 and 17 is a Big. Being an even chance bet, the Small and Big are lower risk bets. Such bets are accompanied with a payout of 1 to 1.

Wagers must also be aware that if a triple total appears, both the Small and Big bets lose. This analogy justifies the absence of 3 and 18 in these bets.

Single Bet

A single-Die Bet occurs if a player places a bet on a specific digit. The hope is that one of the dice will show the chosen number. The payout often varies depending on the number of times the selected digit appears on the three dice.

A 1 to 1 payout is initiated if the said number only appears on one dice. If two dice have the selected digit, then the player can claim a 2 to 1 payout. If all the three dice roll this number, the wager is awarded a 12 to 1 payout. Unlike the latter option, a Triplet bet pays 180 to 1 for a specific triple.

Specific Double

A Double Bet is made by players who feel confident that two of the dice rolled will contain the precise number they choose. This bet is often viewed as risky since it only limits a gambler to a 7.4 percent chance of winning.

Although the winning probability is low, the payouts are very appealing. It pays 10 to 1. A player wins 10 units for every 1 unit he/she wagers. The payout becomes even more mouthwatering if the third die turns up with the said number. Such a scenario will see a payout of 30 to 1. Wagers aren’t limited to the number of doubles they can bet on.

Triple Bet

In Triple Bets, the specific number selected by a player should show up on all three dice for the player to win. Gamblers can choose any particular triplet from 1 to 6. The other option is to bet on any unspecific triple to occur.

The Triplet Bet offers the biggest payouts in Sic Bo. It’s the ultimate stake among Sic Bo players. The payout for a clear-cut triple is a whopping 180 to 1. It also pays 30 to 1 for any triple. High rollers prefer this bet because of its fantastic returns. Few casino games can match such odds.

Sic Bo

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