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How To Play Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is derived from an ancient Chinese dice game. Today it is one of the most played games in online casinos offered with live dealers to give players a realistic experience. It has simple rules and gameplay that offers a fun gaming experience.

Also, unlike other live dealer games, Sic Bo offers a unique house advantage, which makes it a favorite amongst numerous gamblers. Its players can easily calculate the advantage based on the available payout. Nonetheless, for a new player, it is easier for them to determine the bets which offer the best benefits to them and the ones that do not.

How Live Sic Bo Works

Sic Bo is the ultimate game of chance as it allows players to test their luck by predicting the outcome of dice rolls. Its ethnic Chinese name translates to “dice pair” and the game rewards players who correctly predict the dice roll outcomes.

To play the game, all one has to do is select their preferred chips and place them on the betting area of the Sic Bo table. After confirming the bet, players can then roll the dice and wait. When the dice settles, the platform will display the topmost number across the screen, with the winning numbers being highlighted.

The Sic Bo Live Dealer

The popularity of live casinos continues to increase all over the world as all online casinos seek to offer an impressive gaming experience. The popular live classic tables, including Sic Bo, can be accessed from any location at any time.

Just by clicking a button, players can get the traditional brick and mortar casino experience enhanced by high-quality video streaming, live casinos, remarkable sound effects, and visuals. The professional live dealers also assist players in placing their bets and an exclusive chat feature. The chat feature allows players to interact with the live dealers privately and share their experiences while also expressing any concerns they have.

Live Sic Bo Software

A majority of the live gaming software providers for online casinos are exclusive. This means that they make programs that only handle online casino gambling for games like Sic Bo. IGT, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NYT, and NetEnt are just some of the leading live dealer online gaming casino software providers.

Some online casinos choose to have only one of the gaming providers, while others prefer to combine several of them. Players should check the gaming provider at a specific site, before they register, to know if they are preferable as all have distinct characteristics. Players also need to examine the rules and regulations before playing the game.

Live Sic Bo Stream

Players should strive to understand the game and the odds first even before they place their first bet. This includes an observation of the workings of various bets and how much one stands to win for each. It will help them make the right choices in gaming.

By understanding the simplistic gaming odds and winning options, the players can have realistic winning aspects. Most live dealer casinos offering Sic Bo also have free games for players to familiarize themselves with the game and live game streams to enable one to improve. The free games are easy to play and allow each player to quickly gain knowledge of the playing technique.

Sic Bo
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