July 14, 2021

How to Play Sic Bo Online

At first glance, Sic Bo might seem intimidating to those who are new to the game. With a table layout teeming with numbers and images of dice, it can seem confusing. However, once a player understands the betting options laid out on the table, wagering and playing become easier.

How to Play Sic Bo Online

The Premise of Sic Bo

The main goal of Sic Bo is simple. Basically, players wager on what they predict will be the value of three rolled dice. Bets are placed before or after the dice are shaken. The dice are then rolled and when they stop moving, the value of is revealed.

A player's bet will be either won or lost depending on the value that comes up after the dice are rolled.

For easy reference, here are the steps to playing an online game of Sic Bo:

  • Players choose the size of their bet.

  • They place their wager in the appropriate box on the Sic Bo table.

  • Players watch as the dice are rolled.

  • When the dice come to rest, the resulting value is revealed. The game then registers winning and losing bets automatically.

Players select a new bet and repeat the steps above.

Sic Bo Betting Options

Players will find all the available betting options laid out on a Sic Bo table, making it easy and convenient to place bets. What's more, every bet has its own designated area on the layout. Many Sic Bo casino games also depict the payout ratio, so players can have a clearer idea of what their potential winnings can be.

The following are the main bets and typical payouts anyone learning how to play Sic Bo should understand:

  • Small/big - 1:1
  • Two-dice combination - 2:1
  • Single number combination - 1:2
  • Specific double - 10:1
  • Specific triple - 180:1
  • Any triple - 30:1
  • Specific total - ranges from 8:1 to 60:1

House Edge in Casino Sic Bo Games

The percentage that the house retains as profit is also known as the house edge. In Sic Bo, this can change in value depending on the type of bet.

Since the big/small bets have a house edge of 2.78%, they are the best options in terms of odds. In comparison, the other types of bets involve house edge values that are typically between 7.4% and 18.5%. Hence, their return to player (RTP) rates are not as big as those of big/small bets.

Types of Sic Bo Casino Games on the Internet

Whether playing for free or for real money, players can choose from several Sic Bo variations that are offered by many online casinos.

RNG Sic Bo

Random number generator (RNG) games are abundant on the Internet. RNG Sic Bo games are animated and use software to simulate dice rolls and produce the outcome. Examples of RNG Sic Bo offered by numerous online casinos are:

  • Classic Sic Bo
  • Super Sic Bo
  • Sic Bo Macau
  • Grand Hazard
  • Bitcoin Sic Bo

Live Casino Sic Bo

Instead of software, real dice are rolled by real dealers in an online live casino. The games are streamed in high-definition in real-time and players can interact with the dealer as well. And because live casino Sic Bo features top-quality visuals, audio, and social components, it offers a pleasantly immersive experience.

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